Sunday, March 4, 2012


              The funniest thing to watch is to see Shasta follow Pebbles around the yard!  They do not do it because they are aggressive, it is just that Shasta is on the lowest of the pecking order and she likes to feel protected under Pebbles.  Also, Shasta isn't the one who follows, Pebbles does too!  I usually am the one to let the chickens out and I am pretty sure Pebbles has my image in her brain that she wants to follow me around all the time!  And of course if Pebbles follows so does Shasta!  They both run up to me like I am the best thing the world has given to them except for food of course! =O)  

   If this video clip says buffering,click the play button.

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  1. are you shasta? then whats the "I"?