Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Veggie Hanger

Today I made a hanger for the chickens with some rubber bands, string and some vegetables.  They really enjoyed it!  I put it above the run before I went to work and by the time I got back they ate it all!  The veggie hanger prevented them from getting bored when they couldn't go out of the coop!  This was also a good way for them to exercise as well!  


  1. Cool! Do you buy vegetables for your chickens or use scraps? What veggies do they like and dislike? Just curious.

  2. Hi Dragon Monkey,
    Chickens like all sorts of vegetables as long as there are a green color. They really enjoy lettuce and cabbage. I go to San Fran to get my veggies because they always throw out some sort of scrap like cabbage and it is free of cost. I hope this helped you!

  3. They like more than just green veggies... expand their horizons a little, please!